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by Eyesack Moseberg

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The Problem 03:24
You tell me that you feel a certain kind of way then you proceed to complain about it every day and you and I both know the reason for your pain its a self-inflicted wound not that hard to explain but yet you won't stop yourself from bleeding out Your apathy is killing me Why can't you see yourself critically You won't admit your fault admit wrong Won't even go and fix the problem You tell me its impossible for you to work so hard When really you just want to play the lazy card Apparently watching a screen as your brain melts away Is the maximum effort that human can exert before their brain fries and self-destructs Is life so hard that your only defense is to hide away from everything Don't you want to have a story Don't you want a great legacy Something for us to remember you by Something to make your life worth the while Well you can't sit idle if you want to be great You think that this will all just fall into place?
Chains 03:04
I've always said I'd rather die myself than die another man Your lies are stacking up I'm surprised you can even stand Sacrificing everything that makes you to create a hollow shell of man Why do you put yourself in chains When you could be living unrestrained Put yourself into a cage While the world turns another page Maybe you're hiding from your insecurities Maybe you're fighting the flaws that define you You want everyone else to play make believe
You need to get up and live your life Before you bite the dust You need to stand up and take a chance Before you reach the end of your life beautiful morning sun in the sky feelin so up pass the sun go way way by goin fast on the freeway feelin the wind roll by tappin along to the beat of the song when everything in the world goes wrong I see it off way to the side I see the way that I die heart cracks on the inside life flashes before both eyes tons of steel goin way fast tons of steel in my path tons of steel makes impact tons of steel in a big crash remember the way that I left my friends tellin them I'll be back on the weekend rememberin every detail of depart the way I left the house the way I left the spouse the way that my mother said goodbye to me the way that my father said get home safe the look in their eyes I will never forget the look in their eyes I will never forget That was the day when everything changed I opened my chains and setmyself free Lookin back on the life I had I needed this now I needed this bad All my life I'd been scared to try Scared to try things with a chance die I'd keep myself locked up inside The outside world too hard on my eyes You can't sit back as the world passes by You have to give back before you pass by And when its your turn to pass us by We need to have a legacy to honor you by You need to make your family proud your friends proud your spouse proud you need to make your presence loud your honor loud your life loud until the day you get downed everything that you are made of is only sum of the actions you taken but that means are made of nothing and need to do something you've never been living This is your chance to be giving
Break Me 03:16
You've been out here tryin to get inside my head You want to tear me apart from the inside Try to break me apart try to tear down my ropes You can break my respect you can break my trust You can play with my heart You can pull my strings But at the end of the day The one who will lose is you Just go ahead try I won't even deny Ill give you a headstart let you come straight at my heart but as day comes to a close you know the end result You can play it any way you want But you'll never get close I can never be moved I am indestructable
Lets take it back All the way back to when you were born Really had a chip on your shoulder because that was when knew you had to go all the way to top (triplet) I hope you hadn't imagined the way you're dropping body to body on the way there Back then you had a whole lot of innocence but right now you're all kinds of trecherous You really think that you deserve everything in the world and you'll take anything thing from anyone to make it your's Steal lie and cheat are not out of your reach take money take people take lives build your whole life up on lies but it will lead to your demise if you do not make compromise You have to stop messin with the world and everyone in it or soon your gonna find yourself in a whole lot of tricky business I know the way that you live I understand that you never forgive Just as you do I will never forget Never forget the way you made your debt everything that you've done in disregard built my internal scar The way that you fake your love on the outside Makes me wonder about the things you hide I see the way that you operate you start off pretendin as if their your mate but really they are just a means to an end you throw them away and no longer pretend and when it comes to time for you to give back you turn them away like they've never had your back burning bridges like a wildfire but it doesn't matter cause your in the helicopter your on the path to the top of the world but leaving behind every body your burned this trail of ashes will not make exception Nobody can excape your lies and deceptions you're on the path to the top of the world but everyone you've burned will rise up against you You will join the trail of ashes you were not an exception Really targeting yourself with your lies and deceptions
You tell the world everything you do Never cease to take the moment and unviel All the wonders you've done for us all Always flowing from your mouth like a waterfall We don't need to hear about every little thing you do cutting with words till you break through Can't you keep just one shred of self diginity You've lost all your humility Do you do this cause its right or do you fight for our acceptance What is it that you want money fame or friendship You need appreciation for every breathe you take And when you go one breathe too far its time for someone to break
Rage 03:17
Fill me with your fire Fill me with your filthy hate It only makes me stronger It is my energy hate and rejection are the foundation of innovation doubt and disbelief are the fuel of progress So bring it on and don't hold back I need a good slap in the face I need a nice kick in the teeth I welcome your cold shoulder bring it on and don't hold back
You've always said that I could never do anything Living to die is all I'm good for You've always said that you'll beat me in every way I'll never even come close to reaching your head You claim I'll never be worth anything to anyone while the sun and moon trade and day by day rots away I will fight to prove you wrong until the very last day while the world goes down in flames and chaos takes its reign I will live to prove you wrong until my very last day You don't know what lives in me holds my bones inside of me and soon you will find out You don't understand me You can't comprehend me but soon you will find out
Inner Wrath 03:54
Its been awhile since you took a shot at me Never thought that you would turn like this on me But I guess that just the way it goes and every second your words keep churning my anger grows and grows I don't like the path I face But its time that we erase I can't be with you every day and I don't want to see you anyway I had a feeling in my heart and I saw this fate from the start I need you to clear from my path before I have to unleash this inner wrath Its time that we stop putting on a show Take one more step and I'm about to blow I didn't want this to be the way it goes and every second you don't abandon I know its time to let it go I never wanted it to be like this
Shapeshifter 03:37
When I'm by your side you have nothing to hide You're trustworthy being with honestly to lend But when we part your whole persona grows dark You shut me down crowd me out and tear me apart I'll never understand it I can never comprehend When we reunite and you act like its alright Stop hiding behind the miles between us Come at me face to face and see what comes to meet ya every time I talk to you I get a different personality I can't really tell who's the real you I'm tired of these games so its time to come clean Are you really who you say you are Your cold-hearted human that can't even stand To look into my eyes and tell me how you feel I don't want your sympathy or proper manners I will not be subjected by your manipulation You can't play me like a puppet while stand behind a curtain Tear down this facade and show the world what you hide
Castle 03:41
All my life I've been running away Hiding from the people that see nothing but evil Think that they can get me think they have the upper hand but nothing is so simple nothing follows the plan and they will not have their way I will not die today I sit in the middle of the sea as the tide rushes in on me and as every person and every watchdog cries out tonight my enemies surround me at their first sight I built this castle high and they forgot the key piece I have everyone around to protect me Its just as they've said in every book and scripture Keep your friends closer but keep your enemies nearer I've seen the way they look at me, think they can put me over But trust me, we're about to get a whole lot closer
Fly 03:56
Was I meant to fly or was I meant to die and fall from the sky I've never hit the ground but never touched the sun So tell my why Will I always live in the middle of the road Never meet my goals and never be known Will I ever get out of where you can just disappear or will I fly from here I was born from a blank state started with nothing and I had to work a great deal just to get to here but where is here really not far don't let it get to your head if anybody tries tell you that you've made it to the top thanks but this isn't my peak I gone a small distance and got a long way to go or I am only on downhill from here I see the ground in my rear I can't tell if the only way is up and I'll never give up but maybe I wasn't made for this cut out and arranged for this I have never been one to back to down But maybe I've never been pushed to the edge Maybe this is where meet the inevitable Or maybe this is where I break the through to the other side Its time to snap time to break into pieces Fall down and slip through the cracks of the hands of history Never get known and never will be remembered maybe this is the fate that awaits me this cannot be the end there must be something on the other side I will break through these walls and find what lies beyond I will fly I will never fall from the sky


Straight forward hard rock


released June 12, 2016

Music - Isaac Mosebrook

Art - Josh Toth


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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