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It Starts Now

by Eyesack Moseberg

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Tell Me 03:25
It's been awhile but my heart still burns every single day I call it love when I feel this way and you feel that way After all we can talk for days spilling out our hearts After all the way you walk and you do that talk Just tell me why you cant commit, seeing other guys I'm not your toy play me now then throw me out I can't wait aside while you string me along I can't read your mind so please make up mine I love you girl, you know I do through and through you love me too, everyday I see its true You need stop playing me with all your traps You tell me, you tell me, or I'm leaving this I love the way, we share our thoughts every night Telling truth, there ain't a lie inside your mind So why you have all these guys running round You tell me, you tell me, or I'm leaving this I need you now, tell me if you wanna be If you don't, please do not come back to me I just want, a girl that wants only me You tell me, you tell me, or I'm leaving this I love the way you talk so fine ready to make you mine Just one word and I'm for you I just need to give me all of you I can't be just a part of your whole I won't be just a pawn in your game You can make me the king and you'll be the queen
Day one I could feel it coming Like gravity moving faster I really need to go I really need to leave But you pull me in Day two and I know how this goes I break down and let it eat me Don't do this to me Don't do this to you But you pull me in You got me feeling like I'm torn apart I don't got nothing left While Im falling for you You got me riding in the palm of hand I don't got no control While I'm falling for you You got me staying when I need to leave I really need to leave While I'm falling for you Day three and I let it take me The end is coming but I still tread forward Don't put the shame on me Don't put the shame on you But you pull me in Day four and I've gone too far now I've jumped ship and I can't get back on Its too late for me Its too late for you But you pull me in Please take mercy on me I'm just a hopeless soul I just can't let you go I know the way this ends But I move forward still I just can't let you go
Follow Me 03:12
My heart runs seeing you today But I'm calm as I should be Cause you make me feel at home okay There's peace in all the words you say You get me like no one else can See through, take my thoughts away So when the stars go out at night I need you by my side You always bring me back to life Put joy into my mind Follow me follow me And I'll take you to the moon Follow me follow And I'll light up your life Follow me follow me And I'll make it worth time Follow me follow me And we'll set this night on fire I don't know where I'd be today If you weren't in my life When I feel lost in every way You come and make me feel alright The way you know me got me feeling sky high No better feeling when you look me in the eye
Jump 02:58
The sun burns the light shines bright alright The waves crash I'd Love to be Here with you Let's look beyond the shore in sight It goes on and on Love to be There with you Stop think of all that this could be Our chance to live Love to do This with you One shot to see this earth alight What do you say Will you come Will you go Before we grow old tonight Just take my hand and jump Our time let's just take a minute Soak this in and live this second Let's Jump now and take our moment Ain't no time like here in the present Come with me now let's do this Jump ship and be in pure bliss The tide rolls back all the way tonight The moon clear Can you feel Can you see The whole world free for us awhile Don't wait now Take you here Take you there Crisp water wafts into the air Adore the scent Take it in Take it now We may never get this time again No wasting time Come with me Come with you I made my mind up right now Take off into the light now
Running 03:41
You know everything you mean to me Behind the fire in these eyes And I swear if you ever give it straight to me We're set, you just got to let me know I know you really have it out for me I see the fire in those eyes And I swear if I ever give it straight to you All clear, I just got let you know We're scared of everything it means to be Maybe it'll turn out alright But right now we can't find the words we need to say So far but its so close Just let go Stop holding back Let's try tonight, alright? I keep running away I keep running away Can we stay for a minute? You keep running away You keep running away Can we stay for a minute? We keep running away We keep running away Can we stay for a minute? Stand still, no one wants to make the move Tension all up in the air Waiting, the right time the right mood Stalemate, scared to change the tune We both know that the fire's burning in our hearts Melting, everything inside Release, let it all come out tonight Escape, the fears that you hold What if, we weren't afraid to take a step Tear down, all that's in between Stand up, and walk into your life right now I guess, we just may never know Let's take that wall down tonight
Today I got out of my bed and it all felt a little strange Remembering all the work for the day it all gets into my head I'm not sure if I can make it today it all seems so unfair I give life everything that I got but it don't give back to me And then somebody said to me It's gonna be alright It's gonna be alright Yesterday I felt down and out but today I'm doing alright I guess life has its way of working those things out Was it really worth my time to stress about Now I know moving forward not to sit around and pout And I tell somebody that I know It's gonna be alright It's gonna be alright We all got to face mountains in our lives But once you get to the top you'll see its alright It's gonna be alright


This is a pop album


released March 21, 2018

All Things by Isaac Mosebrook except:

Iain Wright - Vocal Feature on Falling for You
AJ Brown - Photo


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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