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by Eyesack Moseberg

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The Key 03:36
This is not the end You're only a victim Of your own persistence To ride around and round the problem But tonight You'll break your shackles No more excuses No more running from the issue You can break from these chains You still have the key It's not to late to thrive Don't give up on yourself Today you break free It's all inside Untold potential Just give it a try Life's to short to let it slip by There's no one else To put the blame on You're the only one That can change the course of history
Hundreds and hundreds gather today Soon to be torn apart in the fray Not really sure what they're fighting for But to their country they swore Everyone is fighting for their own interest Killing and killing indiscrminate And only when the smoke clears will they realize They're killing their own kind Burn through men like its a race to reach the last And when your points been proven the audience has past The fires stop burning the lights start to wane Can't tell whos is whos charred remains
You know the enemy Their eyes are glowing bright You watch intently Their claws seem sharp tonight You know their intention And it doesn't seem right So you consider What to do this night Stand up to them Take head on the fight Or coward Back down its time for flight You can't run You can't hide You know this will end tonight What you said What you did You know this catch up with you Look into their eyes See deep into their soul They see your past It's time for you to pay the toll There's no where for you to go This time youve met the end There's nowhere for you to go Where the deed is gone On this bed of death You'll have this one regret
All that's a part of me Is breaking apart In the light of the world I grow dark But all that's inside me Knows to believe There's something deep within That knows the way it ends We won't stop til we find a way Trapped in this maze But it ends today As the sand falls down And the clock ticks on All you can do is believe As the world turns again And you start to see grey All you can do is hope The parts begin to rust But don't lose your trust The hull starts to fade But you cant be swayed
Harsh red glows Fills the field of vision Heat increases And builds up the rage No direction Just give it out any way Stand up and hand out It's time for them to pay It's too late to stop this now If only I could find another way It's time to embrace your anger Let it flow like a river Melting them all away Give way to your frustration Pour it out like a waterfall Melting them all away Pain is peace When the end is met Pain is bliss When the target is hit Things can heal Through the sands of time Or pain can heal Right now and right here
Separate 02:54
You've been chipping and chipping away at my skin all this time (but I keep comin back) You cant wait to see me crumble crack and fall from the sky (but I keep comin back) There's not a single thing that could stop you from taking me down (but I keep comin back) Its incessantly dragging me towards the ground (but I keep comin back) It's time for a change Today I will no longer deal with this mess And I am moving to more solid ground Today is the day I will break your shackles of hate You've been throwing word after word try to break my wall (but I keep comin back) You've done just about everything you can to tear it down (but I keep comin back) But this is the last time chance you'll get at my head (cause I wont come back) I'm walking straight out the door after this night (and I wont come back)
The Glow 03:05
It all starts with a spark A single flash flares up It's all you see in the dark Less and less as fire builds up From the start we knew the risk But never thought it could come to this The last ticks of the clock The final moments before pure bliss All around the fire burns Tearing holes in all you know Men are dropping at every turn As you walk towards the glow When everything is breaking down And its coming to an end Will you sit down and burn along Or march through to your victory song It all ends as we march Towards the light we walk The light burns burns our eyes Burns our thoughts burns our thighs Longer were here the more we lose Unravelling falling apart With each step lose friend But we have to get to the end
Take it All 03:24
Every time I find Something for myself You rip it out from my hands Blind in every way So much damage done Swinging out so carelessly While collecting wealth While collecting fame Everyone else gets all drained As your pockets grow fatter and fatter now The rest of us slowly fade away You never stop getting larger and larger The world revolves around everything you do Filling out yourself more and more now You know you must implode some day You can't stop yourself You must have it all Nothing stops you from the gold Tearing us apart Ripping it all down Doesn't matter who you kill This cant keep its pace One day you will find Actions will catch up with you
Passion 03:18
I always thought we were cool Reached out in times when things were a mess I thought I'd give you a chance But ended up giving you chance after chance Chance after chance but you didn't respond Letting me down every chance that you get But now all of my chances are gone It's time for you stand up and get Oh so where do we start now Maybe lets start with the fact That you cant get a peep without Prying so hard you afraid that Your jaw will smash into pieces Or maybe the fact that You pick to respond With whatever little thing you Could get your brain on To dip and dodge the event While you get your escape on Time after time I ask you come I really went out of my way And yet you had the audacity To act like you never received the invite To act like I never incite Excuses you givin are faker than fake Complete and total garbage you made And yet you expect I will give you respect? Now your claiming that you're superior just because of the soil that you're born on As if you had a choice where you came out the interior Droning on and on about wher you are from the better spawn Man you need a big slap to the face Maybe its about more than race You didn't do squat to build the culture You didn't do squat to build anything If fact, have you done a single thing You don't say a word to anyone You don't take a step outside your house You don't even have a thing your passionate about And now your afraid to speak up Thinking the world cares at all Thinking they're trying to end your life Well I got a news flash Gravity isn't because of you You or I could die tonight It wouldn't affect the earths flight You need to speak to make people to listen And why do we keep coming back How many years have gone by with nothing to show I couldn't tell you a single thing Nothing about who you are, where you are, what you do Places you've seen and places you want to What you aspire to do on this earth What you believe is your worth I know the same goes for you Not once have you given me a thought Now I am dealing with infinite pain you have brought Filling my veins with regret like a clot This is the day that I end it all We taking an ax to the spot Making sure that it can never come back This is the last being stuck in your trap


Just some songs


released April 12, 2017

Isaac Mosebrook - All Music

Josh Toth and Chris Hooks - Album Art


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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