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by Eyesack Moseberg

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This music is retarded This person clearly was playing the hardest thing they could This song is just too long: one minute is too long They're to play to impress us with their speed Standing in the doorway asking for the thing I borrowed But he forgot it again His shoes are falling apart His name is a band association He left all his junk at home But he doesn't even care No one knows what to call him His nicknames have very confusing pronunciations No one knows what he is From Britain and one fourth to darkness In the darkest hour of the night Never fright, he has magic power Reaches into his soul and pulls harder than God Transformation: a Dom has appeared
Khan (Thief) 03:07
We look up to him He is the captain of our pirate ship Nothing can stop not a wall of fire He'll steal your house without a sound He doesn't do his work He takes it from you Nautica is his brand Khakis are the fancy way A businessman ready to fool Get ready to do the head rock Corny jokes fill the air Witty comments, oh they're there Ridiculous questions, Awkward stare Incredible suggestions on computer programs Watching anime for that he will pay
He so fly Hair pointed to the sky six foot tall standin above all Pants down low get dat juicy flow wha he knows MMA better get out the way His clothes are just so dapper They deserve a serious clapper Everyday with the polo It deserves a visual solo He is as smart as they come He could tell you bout that vector sum Now lets get serious for a second For athleticism you beckon Oh wait, he's tryin to get away But don't worry, it'll take all day This kid is aggressively fancy Mess with him and you're gettin chancy Everyday his twitter blows up 160 followers and counting yup Gets you down in RPG So lets all agree He's the best MMO player And he's gonna be your slayer His cat is ragin hard So watch out for the bombard Its fur is black Maybe that where it gets its attack Its yellow eyes pound into your soul And this verse: it ain't no troll If you're walking down the street And Clarebear you fancy to meet Don't your eyes away Or they won't see the light of day Cause the swag cannon just dropped
So I heard you're a redneck Living out on the farm Every day you gather crops and watch NASCAR You can't pay for meals more than once a week You own one car but you say you don't got none You say you don't got no time to do anything At least that's what you say But you're a gosh darn horse rubbish meat eating liar And I don't believe a word you say Yeah you got a Lamborghini but you say you only got a truck And I don't believe a word you say I hear you are looking at a career in craw fishing Gonna quit your job and go back to college inland That way you can stop living in the shed You could pay for more than one meal a week But you're gonna need to catch a lot of craw
Everyday I walk inside the music room I see you sitting with your friend Blocking the piano And you're just sitting there I'd really like to use the piano right now Get out the room It causes me so much pain To see this beautiful instrument go to waster All it stands for, all it represents Is so belittled by your insistence On using it for nothing more than a seat I demand one of two things Use it as it should be used or leave the room Get out the room The entire nation backs me Your time here is done Justice will be served The goods will freed
It all starts with nothing No breakfast any day Real men save their guts The best course is coming up Pepper The time has come Ultimate feast lies ahead Chicken Nuggets on deck Salte in pepper, ready to go Pepper My stomach is on the verge of explosion One chicken nugget is in the tank I must release all my insides Pepper The time for feast Has met its end My single chicken nugget Is in the bank Runescape I am such a man I never eat the full meal You're lucky if I get one half But just wait til the next time I will eat an entire army Sure, today I only ate one But tomorrow I will defeat you
That day a perfect trio formed The triangulation of powerful forces Only a black hole could break the bond Success was unstoppable The forces were so strong Until the laundry broke them On the brightest day A shirt blacked out the sun A piece of history Turned three into two The flames of an ultimate crew Were extinguished by a pile of laundry The influence of the riddims Were drowned by the weight of clothes Wagner let the world down Reputation plagued his mind The best sound the world has never known Was set aflame by the Wagner
Toth (Rigid) 06:39
And he doesn't move his arms While moving his feet And he doesn't bend his elbow While bending his knees And he doesn't turn his shoulder While turning his leg And his arms are rigid At all times I bet you've never seen a man With arms so straight They could never bend With the force of twenty tanks Shooting at his elbow It would remain And he doesn't move his arms And he doesn't bend his elbow And he doesn't turn his shoulder And his arms are rigid While walking down the street You will see this man And you will not know what he is And you will have to get within two feet To know he is a human and not a wall Parallel to the side No movement at the side Straight down at the side We look upon this man And say to ourselves "How does he survive" It seems so impossible to live this way We do not convene to intervene with him So we should stop this madness It is such a tragic life Without the ability to move your arms Will he ever learn the ways Will he experience the joy Will he leave the darkness And crawl to the light at the end of the tunnel
Dom (Aloof) 04:02
Chillin with my bros Doin nothing at all Just sittin there with my friends When suddenly He disappears Off into the rainbow He's off dommin off Walking off Into the fog Ditching his mates He's off dommin off True hipster at heart Magic beanie on his head Jeans on 24/7 He's running around I'm awesome at being awesome The world is under my control I destroy nations with a single finger And fly to the bank where my trillions lay I'm faster than a bolt of lightning when I don't try If I did I would break the speed of sound And everyone would die When suddenly I disappear Off into the rainbow I'm off dommig off Walking off Into the fog Ditching my mates I'm off dommin off
Scott (Lazy) 04:22
I wake up everyday To find a decision on my plate To get stuff done or to wait Its inevitable the stuffs a waste It doesn't matter what you say I won't do it anyway Put on wait a crisis dire Because my lunch will expire If the world lies on my shoulders I'll put it down for one day Everyone can wait for me It's more important that I sleep This section stumped me lyrically I only spent five minutes on it Six months later I just gave up Besides, I got plenty of sleep
Holy golden balls, its godsmetal, its an insta-win Godsmetal in da buildin pickin syndra now You know we gonna win cause hes challenger His force of will is the best in the lcs Steals the blue buff every 300 seconds When he throws the balls gonna get a kill Every single game, transcendent 20 minutes Gold buildin up like stacks on his q Gettin rabadons pushin up da ap past 520 The burst too much and you will die His positioning will get you killed every time The other day godsmetal picked ezreal and I thought I had a chance But no lie he had 100 cs at only ten minutes He shot me down in four hits took no damage his mechanics are from heaven If you see godsmetal on the other team just quit the game Cause you're gonna feed and lose like XDG (godsmetal) He's a hero and a legened Top tier uppin the koreans gold and KDA toppin 20k Watch your back cause he'll dive and win This man got connections with the big guns Dont be messin else you be trippin one If you challenge godsmetal to a 3v3 He be calling dual challengers to his side Before you know it Tiger Woods be standin there Eatin chicken gettin ready to make an impact Crs Rhux stand up bring the hammer down Smash the top lane knowin that he got godsmetal at his back Next flies in meandeaine challenger Latina makin the opponents thirsty You know she good cause she only adds famous people as friends (including godsmetal) They even have Jummychu the best coach in the world How can you forget a word he says with sexy voice
All he wanted to do was hoe in the garden Living on the farm all day tending to them horses Back so crooked like the edge the moon All he wanted was equality of life Until one day he was picked up by strangers Sent off to college at U.C. Berkley Learned economic trends and made millions This man grew a beard black as the black part of a whale As it grew, so did his liberal tendencies But ironically he bought an xbox, 2 ps3s, and a computer with a one thousand dollar GTX 670 That one day he was picked up by strangers Went off to college at U.C. Berkley Learned to be a Hooks and not a crooks
An explosion breaks down the door A proper bearded man walks through the door Beard so manly it shoots me back in fear Especially when I see his lifetime supply of gear He starts shooting out history facts Like a machine gun that's straight up jacked Speech so powerful I have to listen up Debates straight logic unless its science The voice of an angel from the choir If that voice's more macho than Chuck Norris Tells us a joke It goes on hours and hours I live to see the day when Kinyon walks my way And starts an exchange without a joke I know I'll see the day when Kinyon walks my way And shows me his pass to the art hall of fame feet out turned all the way - 180 degrees apart shuffle high on your toes - spread it far stand straight up tall - flex your chest To walk like the most grand - man in the world Turtle neck, jeans, white sneakers Its amazing what he can accomplish without a change of style His faith in the man upstairs will carry on Just like his legend will pass through his 17000 brothers
When (Now) 03:48
We will fall The separation of our distinctions Has torn the fabric of unity Our means to the end Draw nearer and nearer For the sake of our lives Stand up Its time for us all to put our differences aside To put together the pieces of this puzzle We will rise With the unification of our distinctions To keep covered the weakness We must pick the best The greatest of our time One with great calmness One with high tolerance One with wide popularity One with vast strength One that is personable One with gigantic ambition One with immense experience One who can relate One that will listen One with excessive speed One with relations tremendous One who is rank challenger One with abundant knowledge One who is outspoken And of course a leader, Which among them will rise Unite - for the sake of our survival Unite - for the sake of our existence Stand up - For the sake of our remembrance Stand up - Stand up


Over a year ago, I was joking about how I could make an album with a bunch of songs about various people when Sean Clees said he didn't believe I would actually do it. Hence, I was forced to do it, and here it is. It will likely make someone's eyeballs feel like they are going to explode.


released March 31, 2014

Everything by Isaac Mosebrook except where noted below

Wagner (Traitor):
Chris Fitting - some guitars

God_Smetal (Legendary):
Jalal Khan - announcing

Hooks (Prosperous):
Matt Kerr - Vocals and Saxophone
Kyle Page - Keyboards


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Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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