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Selling Lies

by Eyesack Moseberg

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Lost Control 02:58
I can't tell you how long I've been at the end of my rope It's like you’re actively trying to make me run out of hope And though I'm trying and trying to keep from going insane I sometimes want to just give you a tiny glimpse of my brain To keep you happy I’ve had to be locked up inside a cage But now that’s over and I’ve gotta go let out all my rage Oh with you I don't know what to do I didn't care what you'd think I thought it was okay anyway I was afraid that you'd go Now that I've gone and lost control Don't matter what you said I can't tell you what’s inside my head And I know that if I did, out would come everything that you dread Now don’t you sit there and think that I haven’t caught onto you This whole big outburst ain’t limited- it’s much more than us two All high and mighty you’d think you’d never be the one to fall But all this time the part you play oh it’s not all that small It’s just thing one’s closer so- you can’t ever be too sure That once I’m done with part one I won’t face off with you for more I won’t hold back now Hasn’t done me any good Like a tornado You’ll wonder how I ever could Look back at what you did and remember everything I said And if you can’t admit to me what will it take for you to see? I can’t take it anymore go right ahead back through that door No it was never up to me this wasn’t what it’s meant to be
Burn It Down 03:02
There’s that dread again looming on the horizon Am I crying wolf or are you gone Another exorcism spirits coming out Can’t believe I fell for it once more Sick of being a pawn in your game I take all the blame and watch as you Burn it down Everything that’s been built up til now The flaws I’ve allowed, and watch as you Tear it down Filling hearts with your cold dark hate And now they’ll be the bait, and watch as you Knock it down All the times we had I guess they’re all for naught Now I’m left here drowning in my thought Drawn and quartered gotta glue myself back up Next time I won’t drink the devil’s cup
Looking up at the night sky I don’t know where I’m supposed to fly Hope I’ll know when I get there With all the tools given to me, you’d think it’d be so easy But I’m adrift and backwards With no path and no light, I’ve almost lost my will to fight Someone send a lifeboat please I don't know where I'm going- can you be my map I can't see in this darkness- you could light it for me ‘Cause your one in a million- like a constellation Celestial navigation- you can guide me back home I'm so close I can feel it- my compass pointing at you Show me my destination Time’s passed have I made ground at all? I’m scared and I don’t want to fall With no net there to catch me I’m running circles round again With no guide this place makes no sense Don’t leave me stuck forever. Stars are behind the clouds, I need the wind to pick up now Am I at my journey’s end?
Almost 02:40
The first time I saw you I knew I had to have you Will you fit my new hypothesis? Snag some pencils a notebook and a calculator We’re conducting a new experiment Step one gotta get myself a first name basis Maybe numbers to go along with it Charts and figures I think I’ve nailed all the specifics Now just make sure we don’t break equipment Gotta fill in the variables Keep the constants the way they've always been Going back to my old equation Though it's failing me time and time again Gone through so many iterations Am I off by a foot or just an inch? What will end up as my solution? All these misses I've almost finished it So far everything's had a proper explanation My theory's predicted all of this But we know that entropy always increases Could this be a meta-stable trick? Forgot to ensure nothings contaminated If there's a fire can we extinguish it? Time's up and results show we could not have made it I hope that I learned something from this The game we're playing Oh I am so sick of it I wish there was a shortcut But I know there just isn't Everybody trudges through it Guess I'll find more data to record Man I wish I hadn't blew it Better get back to the drawing board
The Pull 03:17
I see it deep inside your eyes Burning away oh the time Time is running away, away from you Come again, come again, can you even hear what I say to you? Electric train ride to your demise Riding to a place where the sun don’t shine I can pull you out of this gravity Follow me, follow me, Let me guide you: sun into the moonlight Can’t you feel the pull tonight Go take a look and see The places you could be and how to get there I promise it’s easy Just open up your mind and get some fresh air Living in your fantasy Locked up inside your never ending limbo Glued onto your LED’s As if it were this generation’s disco You’re falling deeper into the night Stunlocked by the headlights Sealed and rooted into the ground tonight Get away, get away, forget about your keyboard, mice and kilobytes Tear down this fortress you’ve built yourself Let in this life that you’ve repelled You can’t fight this it’s time to cut the cord Power’s off, power’s off, can you keep it off or will it ruin you?
I never like to think that I could ever get left unread on a text What’s next on my path straight ahead What's the next step no old time friends living like i’m dead? I thought our souls could align. But the sole of my shoe met with every single land mine in a field that led to you I’m Fine Wait that’s a lie I exploded every damn time and exposed the inner mechanisms of my state of mind No more surprises please I’m hanging from a thread You always make me freeze Gotta get you outta my head It’s so simple But you complicate it Always complicate it Can I get off this train My ride’s one way Threw my stuff in storage Right before I boarded I knew you were worth the pain So can I wrap myself around you like I’m grape vines We’ll intertwine at spines each and every nine lives wasted what’s the crime? I swear it’ll be the last time that you’re the fence dividing up the property lines I’m strung out like cheese and it’s worse when I’m grated fine Please put me on your plate instead of hanging me out to dry Or maybe wear me like a fresh red dress and press your GPS When I send you the address to the five star fine dining wine bars Don’t drive your car on the eroded winding road that’s lined entirely with trees It’ll be all you wrote You know, it’s way too far Can you do this one thing for me instead of just making me struggle to breathe?


An album of music


released December 1, 2018

Iain Wright - Vocals
David Jeong - Keyboard
Trevor Silva- Vocals on "No More Surprises"
Josh Toth - Album Art

Isaac Mosebrook - Everything Else


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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