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Six Dimensions

by Eyesack Moseberg

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Traveler 04:35
Why 06:11
Necrosis 08:56
To live or not, tis what we ask the greater being Yet be it not what we know, nor choose to follow For divinity doth shape our ends says the prince It is neither you nor I nor we that picks a path For the play it doth seem the latter picked; death Imminent it seems that we become dust For before any lives are scored on the devil's board the pretext does state two have taken the lives of each other The king Hamlet killed King Fortinbras and still Claudius does murder King Hamlet Dead are the kings Gone is the rest of their being Dead are the kings The deaths do stack upon each other Come along as the first victim does proceed A fool for the ages does attempt a watch To find the root of the madness that is instilled Aggravate a stabbing to his own temple he did Yet the origin believes deserve it he did Dead is Polonius Gone is the rest of his being Dead is Polonius The deaths do stack upon each other A fair maiden doth next pursue the ancient ending Messages failed to decode led to the this innocent killing Driven to delirium by two changes of consummate height A father's cessation and a lover's "Change of heart" compelled under the water by an appalling confusion Dead is Ophelia Gone is the rest of her being Dead is Ophelia The deaths do stack upon each other The end will follow soon Travel to the slaughter grounds Where one death shalt bond to another This is the crowning glory All will fall from here With a wielding of swords fight the leaders Blow ensues blow as fate draws nearer Laertes and Hamlet see destinies drawn clearer A stab of the poison sword twice does create a bleeder In fall does Laertes meet ultimatum Dead is Laertes Gone are the rest of his being Dead is Laertes The deaths do stack upon each other Sadness shall strike as the queen drinks the lethal cup In a rage the prince finds his revenge successful Claudius is found dead by the sword Checking for security by a small drink All have met the conclusion
Obsidian 04:25
Migration 03:33
Cascade 04:15
Stone 05:02
Invasion 02:02
From Above 06:52
Recursion 04:55
NightTide 06:20
Hold your breath Another wave washes by The world beneath shakes with envy They can only hope for the worst Another world opens But its too late to enter Already closed to the human eye Take a final breath Its time to return To the previous state no better than now Another day washes by In an instant Everything returns to zero All that has been done will soon be forgotten Only to be replaced by the subsequent action A renewal is in order dormancy will be its provider To entertain throughout the imagination will be present Another day washes by In an instant Everything returns to zero Soon the loop will culminate All shall now return and the loop Shall begin its next iteration This repetition is slowly drawing away the animation and the termination of this is not but a few portions of time away When taken from the reality of it all the reality is lost, it is not to return There is not but a single thread sitting upon a number of threads too large to be compared to 600 times the number of particles in each thread Now that the loop has returned to its beginning We shall all move towards our end where it is no surprise, that the beginning begins Every operation is simply for the perpetuation of he who has completed this operation For he cannot deduce what the limit of his being is and chooses not to ascertain In doing so, he will not modify the being of any others and therefore, just as subsequent action, will be forgotten But this is a different kind of forgotten One can recollect on an action, as their nature provides the allowance of this However, a reminisce of a being is shrouded by the existence of other beings, all interestingly analogous And just as any wise man would except You shall soon forget Nothing have heard will be remembered You will move on with your life, never taking a moment to reflect on the event in which you have just partaken only when the loop returns, will you hear this again. But try to remember


This is a collection of every experimental song created over the past year. It was done in a spontaneous matter, hence its sloppiness.


released January 6, 2013

Everything by Isaac Mosebrook
Kyle Page (Drums for 2)
Matt Kerr (Vocals and Keys for 6)
Joshua David Hellerick Santos (Vocals for 6)


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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