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The Truth

by Bass Fish

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Outroduction 02:33
So you think is a joke Everything I’ve ever spoke nah Be prepared to choke as I uncloak the rap game tropes Soak up the bloaks leave em to float not even a lifeboat This a game of cutthroats You think this isn’t serious You are straight delirious Givin your support when they distort Contort reality to a negative accord Givin them praise when they kill for days Cover the path through life’s maze in a thick haze Watch the wrath as the drugs set their life ablaze Sit back for the bloodbath tellin them to put Money on a pedestal Using cruel tools And yet here I am rappin about bout a harmless thing instead Is the only way to get cred to dump an ounce of lead in his head? Why you start snore when I’m not puttin bodies on the floor or pushin drugs out the door Oh I forgot that you can’t rock this song in the car’s dock Cause jocks will block and chicks won’t flock If they talkin round the clock like this ain’t real music What in the world is this real music kick Why are the only things that matter words and lyrics that you pick If words are the most important part for you Then go read book and some poetry too Music died quick when the lyrics tried to fit Repeat it 80 times in a row and its a top hit But when I rap about food I get piss and spit Add witt and gritt, maybe a skit and you’re a misfit This song is in the hopes you won’t prolong you’re life's wrongs Of thinking that the instruments just tag along Ninety percent of what you hear isn’t done in the clear so you start To think the singer is revered No This is the last of your high class high caste elitist past throwin out the most of the broadcast No This is the lesson to listen no decision with recognition to all of the music no if or but condition
I'm that rope dealer I'm that meet you in the street and tie you up dealer I'm that throw it in the ocean save a drowner healer I got a million knots and strands make me the wire leader I'm that hit you with the frays if you a thrill seeker I got you coming back for more call me money stealer I got you buying every day you got that yarn fever I'm the big bad wolf if the wolf sold rope I be servin to the crowd if my title was the pope I'm the kraken if his arms were made of yarn Be eatin up the money like its chili con carne I make a hundred thousand stacks a day I got more rope to sell so get out of my way and if I ever see you steal a single strand without paying me you gonna wish you that you could untwine with me ok I never sold a weak rope in my life so hard you can't cut it with a knife in fact I guarantee that it survives a nuke you can never break my rope you can never find a fluke my strands are world renowned ask anyone and they give it the crown I'm the single greatest dealer that was ever alive I'm about to turn it on I'm about to overdrive In 1984 I made the world turn and watch I pulled the greatest stunt ever known to man Brought four walls together only using my rope They thought I couldn't do it and they thought I might die I will never die because I'm made of rope and I already told you that my rope don't break One wall on the left and three walls on the right Put the rope on first wall on the right pulled it all the way over to the left now I got two walls on the left and now I got two walls on the right I put the rope round the two walls on the right and I pull them all the way to the two walls on the left I am a living god I made a single wall out of a quad Indestructable incombustible Greatest human rope hybrid thats concieable
I be making 7 50 in an hour I dont get that hot water for the shower I cant afford the bread so I bought the flour Every day I’m driving in the rush hour I be working every day from 8 to 5 I jump in the Prius when I wanna drive Blow up pool, I’m gonna take a dive Business call, I gotta do it live I'm a role model role model citizen Every Friday i be coming with that cash flow But my loans getting really really heavy tho I will make it cause my children need to eat bro Last week they be thriving on the beans stores People always tell me that the only way to get ahead Is higher education gotta get the smarts up in my head Go to school, go to work, then it all repeats again Turn myself from farmer into simple businessman I spend my time making money on da streets I drive a 1980’s Honda swervin in the seat I made a couple hundred thousand then I lost it all When my car done crashed up into the wall My insurance didn’t pay any of my bills And the law man said oh dat kills Straight broke, outta work, nothing good infront of me I think I’ll start a business in the black market industry Eight wives twenty kids the back seat I be makin modern marriage look obsolete Payin 20k a week for this child support It be Lookin pretty dank on my tax report Last week I mowed my lawn Racing on my tractor with my neighbor really fun I take pride in the way that yard looks I wish I had the same pride in my check books I’ll never ever sell my soul for a big check And not because I keep my morals up to spec I’m just too lazy to do the paperwork But I’m not afraid for some handiwork I’ll hammer hammer hammer hammer in this nail Until I need to buy some more wood and then I bail I’m just a young man please let me live my life Please donate more money so I can pay my wife
Pour It Out 03:05
If I see you with the drink of the devil You better jump in your car and hit the pedal I’ll drive at you with the speed of lightning Cause you out here violence inciting Drinking coffee on the public quad? That’s a felony and a fraud Im gonna put you all the way behind bars You out here making full on drink wars Im not saying that the cops will arrest you, Im just saying that your peers will detest you The simplicity of the situation, Is you’ll undergo a permanant ego deflation Coffee is just a crutch for the people that cant handle life People only drink it before talking to their ex-wife The only other uses are for purely recreation But so many people drink like its their only dang vocation Staying up past your bed time, being online, On the frontlines, tryina to make a deadline College kids, drooping eyelids, playing violins All this coffee making them resort to violence This coffee addiction isn’t all your fault We all have a common enemy to assault Starbucks turns normal people into basic We must understand this fact before we can erase it You brainwashing every ounce of greymatter left And that ain’t very much knowing you aint very deft Drinkin and drinkin acid straight from the bottle Destroy your own body? Lets go full throttle If I had to make a list of every drink kool aid at the top and coffee at the bot It doesn’t really matter at all what you think Ever since you went and didn’t pour it in the sink Why you gotta do yourself like that, ok Why you gotta make yourself all fat, ok Why you gotta make yourself more tired, ok How you think that this is gonna make you all inspired How you gonna go and drink dirt from a cup And think that this is gonna make you all jacked up How you gonna pour hot water in there And think that it’ll mix like magic in the air Now I know that you’re thinking to yourself If I cant use coffee what to put in my cup I would recommend cucumber extract Vitamins and minerals all pure that’s a fact Another that I drink that I would recommend Made from the world’s top finest blend Grape and cherry kool aid in a blender Mix it all up and that junk is splendour
No Mistakes 03:39
People like to tell you that up and up is down But now I'm here to tell you its the other way around See people like to think that physics is a science results are in and in the end I really do not buy it The bird they call pigeon I never have seen They claim it exists but now that is obscene It lives in New York, or so I've been told I think that it lives in the city of gold That city is also called el dorado I think that it’s somewhere in Colorado I have not been there so i cannot say Its a conspiracy if I do say This song is the truth that you don't like to hear It made up of facts that young children do fear So if you think the government has saved you from the truth Then I'm about to tell you that your mother’s name is Ruth What is the shape of the world we live on Is it flat or is it a globe The truth is that it is a rectangle Science has come forth to prove this to us Only higher education will teach you True facts like this a really hard to find When I walk outside i see the sky is blue But only if the sun is out and shining that day But everybody knows that the sun’s not in the sky Its up in outer space and the earth goes flying by Alphabet Tomatoes are commonly thought to be a vegetable But everyone knows that's a lie cause they’re a freaking fruit Do you not have any eyes do you not see the green All the fruits are green, apples, pears, oranges Now some of you may think that adding 2 plus 2 is 4 But I'm about to tell you that its really really more Its those dang school lunches they are messing with you brain They got you thinking like a psycho they are making you insane I will never ever be a product of the man And if you ever see me you can slap with the can I be in the hall reading books with the full force I be shouting knowledge all day til I go hoarse You can never beat me in the game of the pop quiz I be in brain making brain building that biz biz I will put you under like a full on eclipse Then I’ll go down to the shop and eat chips
Wack Jack 03:32
Kangaroos are wack mack, that’s a fact jack, I think they talkin smack, right before they fight back Looking like a hack with the front mount sac I think they all on crack with the way they bounceback They should get a backpack to carry all their flak If they keep tauntin I’m turn em into flapjack Eat em all up even though it hurt my dental plaque They a piece of trash lets remove them from the almanac If there was an animal I could light on fire I’d throw the kangaroo straight up onto the pyre I’ve never seen a thing more impotent and villainous Remove it from the earth with clear cut diligence This trash is a straight up knockoff of a wallaby A real interesting and exciting thing wannabe Whats its claim to fame? That its got two legs? Thats wack so do I and I dont spread it like the plague I’ll knock it out one two punch in the boxing ring The kangaroo swing do the damage of a bee sting And its got tail what da friq is that for I can do more while I snore by the sea shore And now the bois got a pouch on his front Carrying his kids like publicity stunts If you were a dope animal you wouldn’t need kids I am immortal and to you I say good riddance You ever watch the way that they bounce around, Looking like a fool, looking like a clown Some of you may think that it ain't really funny But to me they just look like a little freaking bunny Australia isn’t really a bad space It’s just the pests they all over the place Jacked up roos looking like they on steroids Built up muscles from their calves to their deltoids But what does that really do for them? They aint got no funds, they aint go no guns, they aint got no bass drum They aint got no time, they aint got no rhyme, They don’t see the sign, they just getting fines While i’m out here spitting lines All i’m trying to say is they ain't very cool They don’t go to school, they don’t own a swimming pool If I want a pocket on the front of my shirt I just wear a pocket protector, that's what they’re for
Clouds 03:10
Hey man I better not be finding that you meet me on the street and if you run up I'ma slap with a couple hundred thousand in the lap nah man you can keep that I heard last month that you struggled to keep up with your rent hopefully this holds down to the end of the year cause if it ain't clear we can't fight in the street that's illegal Now if you is wanting to go get some drinks from the bar I is down unless you are under the age that is legal to drink then nah brah Now when we cross the street don't forget to wait until the light is green I can't be seen as a villainous fiend I need to keep my record clean We’re all good people in our hearts We don’t steal from the Walmart If someone says that we do We won’t pop a cap in you Last week my boy Joe didn’t know what to eat so I shot him in the mouth With a piece bread and then he was fed removed all his dread and then he went to bed This week my girl nance felt pretty sick, so I shot her in the arm with a needle Gave her a beagle, told her she’s equal, we’re all gleeful last month i went to school, it was pretty cool, i didn’t do no drugs, cause I ain't no thug And that’s fairly lame, it takes away from fame, it throws me off my game This month I got a call to do jury duty, while watching howdy doody, with my cousin Rudy, drinking something fruity, with a side of smoothie, do I love it absolutely I made a promise to myself, when i was young, I’d be an upstanding citizen, even if it isn't fun But then I changed my mind, found out it’s really fine, just gotta drink some wine, and then step in line woah man, slow it down no need to go so fast You right fam, lets go get these people some pineapples and watch them eat it Dude what the friq, don’t you know the nicest fruit to eat is berries, or cherries, whichever one
Paris Nights 03:14
It was 1984 when I first went to Paris Sitting by myself all alone in a terrace Sipping on my coffee thinking that I might take a plane No, wait a sec, hold up I’ll take a freaking train I roll up to the train station and get my dang ticket to get on the freaking train The taxicab driver tells me to rush and get my bags out because it might reeking rain The air was stank, everybody was dank The train conductor made a promise when he said the train was Thomas And then he looked at me, and he said with glee “We got some hot tea, so come along with me” Then I picked up my bags, they felt like sandbags Behind me were two men who looked to me like scumbags Her blonde hair falls aside I look into those eyes It’s like a long time memory Feeling something extrasensory Building energy Her smile melts me away Makes me wanna stay Its like I’ve known her forever A rare hidden treasure She’s the best thing ever When the train starts and moves away I felt a sense that everything would change today Packed from the front to the back with passengers The dark and musty feeling had made it to the atmosphere That’s when I saw her in the corner of my eye Like a single blonde angel feel out the sky Dropped through the roof of the train like a big weight Light shining shining through, whoa there goes my heart rate I thought I’d never get a chance like this again So I greet her and we really hit it off like friends Hours and hours go by I can’t really keep the time I’m hoping that our time together goes on for a long time Her blonde hair falls aside I look into those eyes It’s like a long time memory Feeling something extrasensory Building energy Her smile melts me away Makes me wanna stay Its like I’ve known her forever A rare hidden treasure She’s the best thing ever Even if the world comes down today The best version of doomsday I’ve never had a better time You’ve made this little life of mine Crazy and sublime I hope we meet again Someplace far beyond You really mean the world to me Opened up my eyes so I could see All of me Sike All the things that I just said were lies All the way down to the details like the color of the sky I cannot believe you thought I’d let some rascals ride my train I control the operation all completely by myself, now I have never even put a single foot in France I can never leave America, not a single chance Let this be the greatest lesson to all those in the youth Don’t let any music propaganda lead you from the truth
Lamb 02:06
I've been hardest man ever since I was born I’ve never even eaten, a piece of that sweet corn I ate piece of candy when my mom told me to stop And it wasn't on the table it was shelved up on the top Now that I got your interest let me tell you how it is I’m going back to the day I got incarcerated I was walking down the street just staying to myself Then this cop came up to me told me to watch myself I said whoa whats your deal why you up in my jam He said I littered on the ground he said I dropped a piece of lamb Next thing that I know I was on the ground Cuffs up on my wrist he was tossin me around I told him watch out I'ma lawyer up I’m gonna sue you so hard you’ll have to sell your pup Next thing that I know I was rolling in the cop car Little did he know that we were driving by the salad bar kicking, screaming, yelling out the window Know I wasn’t guilty I ain't done a sin though Now we pulling up on the station Putting me behind bars, incarceration Once they lock me up I pull out my phone I call my lawyer tell him throw me a bone It turns out that the lawyer was inside of the jail After two minutes got me out of there They found out that I never had a lamb Turns out that I’m innocent, I’m a free man As you can see, I’m the hardest man alive I done my time though I’ve done no crime Some of you may think that I aint even that hard Just wait til I give you my business card
I heard about place that offers free pickles every week When hear about it I break down I get real weak These boys are generous hosts This place is called the valley of the ghosts I always dreamed of the day that I’d eat free I wanna fill myself with food, that’s the key And when I finally do I’ll be free Thinking bout the pickles makes me fall to my knees Half sour, sweet, and dill Flavors so tight, flavors so chill Green, green, green, and green Range so high it’s just obscene Pull up on the top of the mountain dome I get the feeling that I finally have made it home Stare off at the fog in the distance This could be the end of my existence I feel the darkness calling, see my companions hauling Is this my last breath, is this my sudden death And then my legs start to coast pulled by undead host I fall straight into the valley of the ghosts I'm just a normal guy, i think I’m pretty fly I was minding my own business when this old man came up to me He gave me mashed potatoes, and then he said to me If you want muscles quick you have to eat these with a pea Man what you think I'm crazy? He said you’re kinda lazy The only place where you can get a pea is kinda hazy I take a look at the mountain top and I think to myself This lazy kinda talk has gotta stop I must repel Legend has it there’s a place on the earth Where driving your car is actually worth The speed of your car isn’t limited by law You can drive so fast filling people with awe Ever since I got my Prius I desired that Put the pedal to floor make it all flat This journey is the final destination in my life You can beat I’m headed to the valley all right


Songs that describe the truth, and only the truth


released October 11, 2017

Isaac Mosebrook - Some sounds but not all of them
JP - Also made a number of sounds less than the maximum

Josh Toth - Art


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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