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The Dankest Memers 2

by Bass Fish

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I really like it when I’m overdanked
So I stole some rare pepes from the bank
I put them in my mouth and begin to chew
It goes down my throat as mountain dew
Even if I’m under the hydraulic press
You will never see me meet my death
And if you want to overdank along
Then just listen to this song

All of my life I lived by the meme
Breathing in, molded, and shaped by the dank
Nothing worth karma slips by my eye
I’m the negative Steve Harvey
The son of Bernie Sanders

I get 4 hit-markers in 2 shots
And I miss 0 times
Even when I have 1 shot
7 tanks 3 planes and 8 boats
I’m the 6th best shot
In the last 7 years

I didn't think that I could get danker than that
Until one day I got caught in a sandstorm
Knees were sweaty
and Arms Spaghetti

I took a second rememberin all the things that will keep me alive
Do not react to the fact that I’ll die because I’ll get sued that aint fine
Major key I just remembered when secretly bombing Benghazi
Don't forget your last name's Clinton or I'll send you to prison

I've been memeing ever since I came out the womb
I inhaled a Dorito two hours after birth
Dropped out of second grade to join MLG
I made the first ever no-scope at the age 13

I've never forgotten anything the world
After buying pepperidge farms in 1738
I made my first account in club penguin when I got to college
Went straight to the top roastin noobs like sausage

But when you’re at the top you don’t forget where you came from
I built myself up with a small loan just a milly in the bank
Laying brick by brick on my house of dank
I made the world great by donating to a sperm bank

If I see you spawn camping with the noob tube
I’m gonna run up, Mr steal your grill
Better bend over and get out your lube
360 knife no-scope triple kill

I’ll take you out to taco bell for dinner tonight
I’ll take you for a ride in my rari put a glock in your hand
I’ll treat you to mixture of mountain dew and sprite
I’ll take you into bed then I’ll get you banned

Cut you down fast, I gotta go fast
Make a bruise so big on your head
People gonna think you’re Peyton Manning
Your team’s gonna have to carry you around for the rest of your life

You can meme any time you’d like
but you can never leave
Cause you know I’d make a thousand memes
If you could just upvote me tonight
Shout out to all my dank bois
We memin


released August 4, 2016
Isaac Mosebrook - Vocals, Production, Mixing

Vocals -
Matt Kerr
Joshua David Hellerick Santos
Troy Reppert

David Jeong - Piano


all rights reserved



Syrupy Wall Records Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Syrupy Wall Records is a pseudo record label that puts out all music with Isaac Mosebrook in it. More music can be found at:



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